How to use the food bibliography database


The results page show the records found in the bibliography, in groups of ten at a time.

For the successive pages scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the forward button (>).

All searches produce a list that is by year (in reverse order i.e. most recent first) AND within a given year respecting the alphabetical order of the authors.



  • Searching can be done using one or more fields (Title, Author, up to three Keyword fields).

  • As of version 3.0 it is also possible to search for the Editor/s of a publication as well as a free search in the Body of the record field (proceedings title, date, publisher, page number, etc.).

  • Search is done by contained word and not by exact word (APPLE will also come up with PINEAPPLE). In order to find the exact word insert a space before and after the desired word (_APPLE_).

  • Refining searches can be done by adding successively, search criteria in any of the other fields.